Fast & simple protection for a common problem.

Stop ransomware and  phishing attacks dead in it’s tracks !

We’ve teamed up with IT Security giant Sophos and ClamAV to stop SPAM and VIRUSES at the source !

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Do you maintain your own email servers?

Add another layer of security by letting us scan your messages first and then forward the clean emails to your inbox. We can also provide you with an extra backup email protection in case your email server ever goes offline. We can take over automatically.

Features included Details
Competitive Price 50$ /m ( Included FREE with a Private Web Hosting Package )
Simple Switch-Over Our experts will configure everything for your company after business hours.
Anti-Virus Protection We scan your files for viruses before they arrive in your inbox.
Anti-Spam Protection Tired of receiving Spam. Let our multi-level protection system clear up your inbox.
Superfast Linux Servers Receive emails instantly on the fastest servers in the industry.
Large Storage Capacity 10 GB of email storage per user, with the option to add more.
Number of Email Accounts 50 Included, with the option to add more.
Anywhere Access Get emails from outlook, a mobile device, or from any computer using web-mail.

Let our team manage your emails so you don’t have to.

Increase all users mailbox size from 10GB to 25GB for only 33$/m

Increase the number of email accounts  from 50 users to 100 email accounts for only 10$/m.

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