O365 Extended Protection

Our protection vault is designed to work with Microsoft Office 365 and is priced per user.

Our vault is  constantly being monitored for new threats and adds an additional layer of protection and takes less than 15 minutes to implement.


used to block spam, malware, and advanced email threats. used to stop unwanted email such as spam, newsletters, and marketing emails. used to prevent the most complex and dangerous threats.

Why do I need this service ?

Microsoft’s Office 365 email platform is an excellent email system, but the truth is that there is NO SINGLE solution to fight off SPAM and VIRUSES. By combining protection using multiple technologies, the safer your inbox will be. E-mail is the #1 key entry-point into a company’s network and failing to secure it can lead to a serious data disaster.

How does it work ?

We verify your emails using the latest anti-virus and anti-spam techniques which are updated daily. We also use an advanced feature called sandboxing which opens up email attachments to see if they can potentially cause harm. Once our scans are complete, we forward the clean emails back to Microsoft Office 365.

Is this service reliable ?

We have filtered millions of emails last year alone. During that time, we maintained a 99.8% uptime availability.

How simple and how quickly can you take advantage of this protection ?

It will take less than 15 minutes to setup and protection will start the same day.

Do you use any known security companies to verify threats ?

We’ve teamed up with IT Security giant Sophos and ClamAV to stop SPAM and VIRUSES at the source using 
enterprise level appliances!

Do you offer any other types of protection for non-Microsoft Office 365 accounts ?

Yes, if you maintain your own email server(s), then we can provide you with the same virus protection and act as an extra backup in case your email server ever goes offline. We can take over automatically by accepting your emails until your server comes back online.

How serious is the email problem ?

Email is responsible in 92% of cases of all security incidents!
This year, organizations and individuals will pay $11.5 billion, either as a cost of remediating ransomware damage or simply as a cost or paying a ransom.

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